Establishing a sole proprietorship (s.p.) in Slovenia

An s.p. / Private Entrepreneur / Sole Proprietor / Sole Trader is commonly known as a self-employed person who conducts a certain profitable activity without forming a separate legal business entity. What are the main steps for establishing a sole proprietorship in Slovenia?
establishing sp in slovenia

The most common forms of business in Slovenia are:

  1. Private Entrepreneur / Sole Proprietor / Sole Trader (“samostojni podjetnik – s.p.”) and
  2. Limited Liability Company (“družba z omejeno odgovornostjo – d.o.o.”).

Registration of an s.p. in Slovenia / Establishing an s.p. in Slovenia

Registration of an s.p. in Slovenia (establishing an s.p. in Slovenia) is free, fast and simple. Usually it does not take more than 1 or 2 business days.

You can register an s.p. by themselves through the eVEM web application, which requires a web digital certificate, or at one of the VEM offices in Slovenia (»VEM točke«), which requires a personal presence.

For registration of an s.p. you will need:

  • a Valid Identity Document (ID or Passport)
  • a Slovenian Tax Number (»davčna številka«)
  • a Personal Identification Number (»EMŠO številka«)
  • a Permanent or Temporary Address in Slovenia (»stalni ali začasni naslov«)
  • a Business Address in Slovenia (»poslovni naslov«)

If you are planning to establish a business in Slovenia and are looking for a Business Address in Slovenia, our virtual office in Ljubljana is your best solution.


In accordance with The Employment, Self-Employment and Work of Aliens Act any foreigner can register an s.p. without becoming subject to a special status check at the time of registration. Since no special permissions are needed for the registration process itself, it is often believed that foreigners in Slovenia can become self-employed without prior approval or a relevant work permit.

Of course, this is not true. It should be noted that a formal registration of an s.p. does not mean self-employment. The self-employment process can only be concluded by joining the compulsory social insurance system, which in accordance with The Employment, Self-Employment and Work of Aliens requires a work permit.

Therefore, for becoming self-employed, non-EU nationals will also need:

  • Work Permit (»delovno dovoljenje«), for example a Single Residence and Work Permit for Self-Employment or an EU Blue Card.

This document can be obtained at any Administrative Unit in Slovenia and is required for joining the compulsory social insurance system at The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (ZZZS or »Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije«).

Three steps for becoming self-employed

Three applications are required for successfully becoming self-employed in Slovenia. They can be filled in and submitted through the eVEM web application or at a VEM office:

  1. an application to the Slovenian Business Register (“Vloga za vpis samostojnega podjetnika”)
  2. an application to the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (“Oddaja davčnih podatkov za samostojnega podjetnika”)
  3. an application to the compulsory social insurance system (“Prijava v obvezna socialna zavarovanja: M-1”)

We suggest that you submit all three applications at the same time, although the application to the Tax Administration and to The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia can be submitted up to 8 days after the establishment of an s.p.

One day after the registration of an s.p. the applicant will receive a document with the information about their registration application. The registration application can be confirmed or denied. It might also require additional documentation. The document is usually sent through post. However, it can also be sent to the applicant through e-mail (note that this is possible only if a person has acquired a secure electronic mailbox).

The confirmation of the establishment of an s.p. or the registration in the Slovenian Business Register (“Sklep o vpisu v Poslovni register Slovenije”) will look like this:

confirmation of s.p. - example

What is required after establishing an s.p.?

a.) Bank Account

After the sole proprietor receives the document confirming the establishment of the s.p. (“Sklep o vpisu v Poslovni register Slovenije”), they need to acquire a business bank account. There are two options:

  • a new business account
  • a conversion of a personal bank account (type A) into a business account (type T) (Please note that not all banks allow that.)

b.) Permits and conditions to perform certain activities

Some business activities require the sole proprietor to acquire special permits and meet certain conditions. You have to make sure that you have all required permits and that you meet all conditions before you start conducting these activities. The list of special conditions is available here.

c.) Safety and health at work

A sole proprietor has to ensure the appropriate health and safety conditions at work by carrying out a risk assessment and documenting it in a safety statement.

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