MP hub. coworking Ljubljana

MP hub.  coworking Ljubljana is the most modern coworking space in Slovenia. It is located in Ljubljana in a modern office building in an excellent location in Šiška, opposite the shopping center of Aleja. Offices are located in the ground floor in a quiet neighbourhood overlooking green areas. There are 75 modern coworking spaces available, some in private offices, which enable productive work in a pleasant environment with free parking in the surroundings.

In MP hub. we incorporated our 15 years of knowledge and experience in creating and managing coworking space and community building. We wanted to raise the culture of work in Slovenian coworking spaces one step higher and therefore approached the project with a maximum commitment by implementing modern equipment and taking into account good practice in the field of coworking spaces in the world.

MP hub. is intended for:

  • the self-employed,
  • “freelancers” from various fields,
  • employees from larger companies that have their headquarters outside Ljubljana and want a business unit in Ljubljana.

At the time of COVID-19, MP hub. coworking Ljubljana turned out to be a “managed office” with the possibility of renting a secure parking space in the garage and storage space, as well as the possibility of registering the company’s headquarters by digitizing all mail, also suitable for branches of foreign companies.

Why coworking? Why MP hub.?

We present you 9 reasons why MP hub. coworking Ljubljana is the right choice:

  1. You become part of a community of exceptional individuals.
    83 percent of the self-employed who work from home find that their social contacts are impaired in this way, which negatively affects their well-being, which is an even more pressing problem during COVID-19. In MP hub. we are extremely proud of the diversity of community members.
  2. Productivity boost.
    Research shows that as many as 78 percent of the self-employed who work from home complain of poor productivity. MP hub. is a workspace that ensures smooth work and removes all distractions.
  3. Modern space with modern and quality equipment.
    MP hub. is located in a newer building, it is distinguished by high ceilings (4.1 m), an abundance of glass, quality equipment and a thoughtful layout of rooms and workplaces, which are the work of companies that equip coworking spaces around the world. Electronic locks are available.
  4. We have great internet.
    MP hub. boasts excellent internet with speeds of up to 300/300 Mbit/s and wireless as well as a wired network.
  5. Forced ventilation, comfortable heating and cooling
    MP hub. is forcibly ventilated, the air in the whole room is changed every hour, the humidity in the air is ideal. The room is heated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the help of floor heating, a suitable working temperature awaits you no matter what your work rhythm is. The rooms are heated and cooled through a central ventilation system, while powerful air conditioners are available.
  6. There are booths, meeting rooms and a lounge room.
    The central space is intended for quiet work, and acoustically equipped meeting rooms and booths are available for video conferencing, calls and meetings. A “power nap” is also provided in the lounge room.
  7. Fully equipped kitchen
    The usage fee for MP hub. coworking members includes a fully equipped kitchen with a coffee machine for freshly ground coffee Julius Meinl, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven… unlimited coffee, tea, Cedevita.
  8. Handball and darts for relaxation.
    A quality handball and darts table is available for relaxing during the working day. A great solution for “teambuilding” within companies and within the community.
  9. The M365 PRO electric scooters are available
    The excellent Xiaomi M356 pro electric scooters are available to Coworkers for daily chores.

MP hub. Ljubljana coworking Floorplan

Pleasant work environment for smaller companies or units of larger companies

MP hub. Ljubljana Coworking is intended for entrepreneurs who do not need their office due to a small team, and at the same time working from home and in cafes no longer suits them. Our most happy clients are:

  • companies outside Ljubljana or abroad who want their employees to work in a creative environment,
  • to all of you who have enough solitary and unproductive work at home,
  • to all of you who are looking for knowledge exchange with young entrepreneurs of different skills,
  • to all those who want to start to work the next day, without waiting and unnecessary bureaucracy,
  • to all of you who want the company of like-minded people around you, with whom they will be able to discuss their business and improve it.

MP hub. coworking is ideal for:

  • Smaller teams or companies that want to accelerate the development of their product,
  • “freelancers” who are looking for a suitable place to work,
  • self-employed who work for themselves or for one or more companies,
  • “afternoon” entrepreneurs who are slowly making their way into the world of entrepreneurship,
  • entrepreneurs who miss company in their work (joint lunches, socializing …),
  • those who want to have a company in a good location in Ljubljana with enough parking spaces,
  • larger (international) companies from the periphery who want to have their own branch in Ljubljana,
  • companies who want that all the key components of the office are taken care of and that they can focus on their business.

What we offer?

  • your own desk in open space or in private office with a chair and a chest of drawers for storing documents, as well as storage space in a larger cabinet,
  • powerful internet connection (fiber optic 300/300) with powerful networking hardware,
  • an office with blackboards for developing ideas and concepts,
  • a meeting room for meetings and for times you need peace,
  • unlimited printing,
  • free access to the MP library with more than 300 top business books,
  • unlimited access to additional energy sources: green tea, coffee and Cedevita :),
  • informal networking with other coworkers.
Choose according to your needs Virtual office MP hub. coworking – price per person
Registration address for the company yes yes – for extra 25 EUR + VAT / month
Free parking next to coworking space yes yes
Common meeting room for meetings and calls unlimited (with prior reservation)
24/7 access, private key unlimited access
Tea, Julius Meinl freshly ground coffee and Cedevita yes
Unlimited printing, paper included yes
MP library with more than 300 books yes
Unlimited printing, paper included yes
Fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher and oven yes
Price 40 EUR + VAT  180 EUR + VAT / month

Private office: 220 EUR + VAT / month

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MP hub. coworking in Ljubljana
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