Coworking in Ljubljana

Have you established a company and are tired of working from home? Do you want to consult with like-minded people about your business? Are the costs of your current office too high? Read on and check out the advantages of MP coworking.
MP coworking - Ljubljana

MP coworking – Ljubljana

In addition to traditional offices, common offices or so called coworking spaces have been established in Slovenia. There are several coworking spaces in the city of Ljubljana, while other Slovenian cities and towns are following suit. Coworking spaces are more than just an office.

Coworking spaces focus on various other factors, such as education, socializing and networking. We advise you to consider other criteria besides location and infrastructure when you are making a decision about a suitable coworking space: from education, coworkers and other various services offered by the owner of the office to access to public transportation and (free) parking, as well as the vicinity of restaurants, shops and other services you use daily.

8 reasons to join MP coworking

Coworking, or working in a common office, offers many advantages in comparison to working from home or working in a traditional office. We will now focus on various specific advantages of our coworking space in Ljubljana – where your desk is already waiting for you:

  1. The best mentor is working in the same office: a young entrepreneur who is facing similar challenges every day.
  2. Socializing with like-minded people boosts productivity and creativity.
  3. You will gain ample opportunity to develop new ideas and start common projects.
  4. You will be offered help in establishing your business: from a startup lawyer to the VEM point. We are the only company offering all services in one place.
  5. We take care of everything! You save time and money and can focus solely on your business!
  6. The rent includes educational seminars and lectures!
  7. MP coworking members can borrow books from the extensive MP library!
  8. MP coworking has been awarded the title Best Coworking Space in Slovenia by the Central European Startup Awards organization in 2016.

Call 030 708 807 for additional information.

Mp coworking - best coworking

What do we offer?

  • a desk with a chair and a chest of drawers for storing documents, as well as storage space in a larger cabinet
  • powerful internet connection (fiber optic 100/100) with powerful networking hardware
  • an office with blackboards for developing ideas and concepts
  • a meeting room for meetings and times you need peace
  • unlimited printing (a common wireless printer)
  • free access to the MP library with more than 300 top business books
  • unlimited access to additional energy sources: green tea, coffee and Cedevita 🙂
  • informal networking with other coworkers
  • access to cheaper or free tickets to many conferences and various other events

mp coworking - what do we offer

Pleasant working environment for small companies

MP coworking is designed for enterpreneurs and small teams who do not need their own office yet and are tired of working from home or from coffeeshops. Our services are suitable for:

  • those who are tired of lonely and unproductive work from home
  • those who wish to exchange knowledge with young entrepreneurs
  • those who want to start working the following day – without red tape
  • those who seek the company of like-minded people to discuss and grow their business

»Everything is taken care of: internet, printer, staplers and similar necessities, there are a meeting room and a parking lot in front of the office where you can always find a free parking space, and the location is great as well, because the coworking space is right next to the Ljubljana ring road.« ~ Tomaž Štucin, Popolna trgovina d.o.o. ~ 13.1.2017

»If I compare a traditional office and a coworking space, the advantages of the coworking space prevail over its disadvantages. When I was choosing a coworking space to join, I employed various criteria: location, vicitiny of the Ljubljana ring road, parking, tidiness and cleanliness of the offices, equipment, desk position, noise level, vicinity of restaurants/bars/shops, other coworkers, safety, access (the offices are available in the evening and during weekends), costs … And MP won!« Brigita Tomas, Ideus d.o.o. ~ 17.08.2017

»A coworking space is an ideal solution for small companies with only one of a couple employees who do not need their own offices. Our company employs people from all over the world and from various time zones and employ the principles of ‘remote’ work. Therefore, 24/7 access to the office is of key importance for us. Coworking is considerably better than working from home, lunches alone are a thing of the past and the price is affordable.« ~ Dejan Murko, SI ~ 11.02.2016

»MP coworking offers everything a freelancer needs. A desk, internet connection, coffee and the company of young, positive people. All of that is available at a great price. I think no other combination could make me as satisfied.« ~ SIMPLIKO, Matic Krajnc s.p. ~ 13.11.2017

Average rating: 5 (Number of ratings: 4).

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Pleasant location in Ljubljana

MP coworking is located at Kunaverjeva ulica 9, in Dravlje, Ljubljana. Join an active team of entrepreneurs form various companies who strive towards a positive working atmosphere, are eager to share their experiences, advice and ideas, keep each other company during lunch and so on.

Current members of MP coworking

Currently filled places: 31
Currently free places: 4

Who are our coworkers? NiteoWeb – web development, Gregor Žerovnik s.p. – SEO services, Popolna trgovina d.o.o. – web development, SEO pro – Igor Bajsič s.p., Aleph d.o.o., Little rooster production,, MP poslovne storitve d.o.o., Argo Navis d.o.o., Skupina Achilles d.o.o., TIS d.o.o. (Ljubljana division), Zavod Nuth, Destino d.o.o., Simplico, Matic Kranjc s.p., Ideus d.o.o., Kanardia d.o.o., Polaris – Milan Žniderič s.p., Vendi d.o.o., Soluma d.o.o., Društvo Mali Petelin, Petar Repac s.p., Zavod mladi podjetnik …

»Working from home includes many disturbing factors, which make it difficult to concentrate. When you face a problem, you have to solve it alone, which can take a long time. Therefore working at MP coworking is a better option – you work in a peaceful environment, but at the same time you are surrounded by people who overcame many challenges you still have to face and are always eager to help you with advice or ideas.« ~ Procedum, Jakob Štrbenk, s.p.

MP coworking is an ideal solution for:

  • small teams or companies that want to accelerate the development of their product
  • those who have a business idea and need help with its development
  • freelancers looking for a suitable working place
  • self-employed people who work for themselves or other companies
  • »afternoon« entrepreneurs who are slowly entering the business world
  • entrepreneurs who miss company of other people (common lunches, networking …)
  • those who want to establish their company at a great location in the centre of Slovenia – without high costs
  • large companies from the periphery that want to establish a branch office in Ljubljana
  • those who want all key components of an office to be taken care of and want to focus solely on their business

We offer two packages: Virtual office and MP coworker 

Choose according to your needs Virtual office MP coworker
Registration address for the company yes yes
Free parking next to coworking space yes yes
Common meeting room for meetings and calls 1x per month unlimited (with prior reservation)
24/7 access, private key unlimited access
Tea, coffee, Cedevita, refridgerator yes
Unlimited printing, paper included yes
MP library with more than 300 books yes
Fresh fruit every week yes
1 free MP coworking event per month yes
Price 40 EUR + VAT / month 79 EUR + VAT / month

Because we believe in our product, which is also used by the Zavod mladi podjetnik team, we offer you a 7-day free testing period of the MP coworker package. All costs are final and included in the price. Do you want to check it out? Call 030 708 807 or fill out the form:

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More info

If you need more information you can contact us:

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